About Priya

Priya Lekha, founder and director of Perceptions Unlimited is a qualified image consultant and has been trained at the Image Consulting Business Institute under the strong mentoring of Judith Rasband, one of the masters in the field, from India’s premier institute, Image Consulting Business Institute.

A post graduate in commerce, Priya has worked with the Financial Derivatives company, Essex India as a founder member. On the personal front she would like to describe herself as a vibrant person and a voracious reader. She loves to read about various cultures and relate the understanding to her current profession as an Image Consultant. This cultural sensitivity helps her enhance people’s images such that they adapt the ever changing world.Priya believes that one must adapt one’s image as per the cultural requirements and also, adapt these changes swiftly enough to be in harmony with the present. Moreover, success demands that one’s appearance exude great confidence. The appearance, along with posture, body language and impeccable etiquette has to be managed.

At Perceptions Unlimited, we help you manage your image with professional guidance by making subtle changes so that your individuality is not lost and outcome is positive. For, the old adage “First impression is the last impression” is what is widely followed in today’s world. What we see is what we believe!